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Tips to Contemplate While Preparing for a Hike in Mount Kilimanjaro.

The best season when climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro is the dry season. It does not contain mud which may make the mountain slippery to climb. Since your shoes will not drug the mud, then you will not get tired. Summer is the best time where you can get to the mountain and get your hike since you won’t be dragged down due to even the rain. However, you are not limited to hike during the rainy season.

You should prepare your appropriate gear for the mountain hike. You should keep in mind that whenever you climb higher in mountain, the coldness will increase since the weather becomes cooler as you move higher. During the summer season the nights become colder much but nights are known to be colder. Thus, you need to have suitable clothes for hiking. Keep in mind to carry the personal items. You should always remember that hiking requires a great shoe such as a boot. Since the boot will not have any heel, then it will be comfortable to walk, and it will protect your legs from coldness.

You should consider the length in days of the hike you are selecting. Some people have climbed mount Kilimanjaro several times which means that it can take them like five days to climb up because they find it easy to do so. You might have climbed other mountains bit when it comes to hiking Kilimanjaro you need to take it slow. When climbing the mount Kilimanjaro, then being your first time you will be advised to use the eight days’ time hiking. Thus, you should go for the hike which contains eight days to complete.

You should prepare physically and psychologically. You should take several or routine exercises to prepare your body for the lengthy adventure. Your mind should be engaged on how the journey of hiking will be. It will help you to cope up with the tiresomeness and even be very attentive and happy during the climbing process.

During the hiking you should consider having sufficient water. You should stay hydrated lest you lose consciousness when hiking. About carrying sufficient water will depend on which tour guide you choose since some offers food drinks and shelter in the form of tents. Tour guides will charge differently; therefore, you need to consider your budget to know which to pick.

You need some medication when hiking. The altitude may not favor you; therefore, some medication to help stay healthy or strong when hiking should be carried. It is known that during hiking most people get sick.

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