Protecting Our Home with High-Resolution CCTV Kits

We had some things happening in our area that were not very nice. Things sure have changed from when we grew up here. My wife and I live in the same home I grew up in. My parents moved to a perpetually warm climate when they retired. Over the years landlords have acquired properties and let questionable tenants move in. Now we have crime in our area. I looked online for CCTV kits to install cameras in and about our home. I wanted a deterrent as well as a way to prove who committed a crime if we were ever burglarized.

We already had some things from our garage stolen. I never bothered closing the door before during the day when we were home working about our home. No one had ever bothered anything all through m childhood here or when my wife and I first took over the home after buying it from my parents. Times sure have changed. Now we lock up everything including our garden shed. Small items are popular for theft. Our neighbors have complained to the police of power tools and lawn care equipment being stolen. Children’s bicycles are also popular among the local thieves. Some homes have been entered and things such as purses and cameras have been stolen. They grab what they can run out with in an instant in hopes of not getting caught.

We installed one of the better CCTV kits we could find. It has high-resolution cameras that record to a digital video recorder (DVR). Plus, we can access the camera feeds from anywhere we have an Internet connection. We use our mobiles when we are out and about to check on the house and our belongings. It is sad that things have devolved to this point, but I do not think it is isolated to just us. I think it is happening everywhere.

Sometimes you just need to appear prepared to prevent the crime from happening. No actual action is needed. These are the situations when fake (dummy) cameras can be installed. They look 100% real. And unless the intruder to you home (or business) is very experienced, they won't be able to tell the difference between the fake cam and the real surveillance camera. So, before you spend lost of money, consider this option.